The Savage Sacktap – Halloween Spooktacular

The air is crisp, leaves crunch underfoot as you stroll gaily down the street in your finest autumn sweater, sipping a piping hot pumpkin spice latte, and pondering the meaning of life as the days grow short and nights turn colder. You turn the corner onto your block, almost home you think to yourself, when from behind a parked car a clown emerges. He struts towards you and without a word reaches out and touches your dick. Congratulations, you’ve just become the latest victim in a seemingly never ending string of clown molestations. Ease the pain and bury the shame of being groped by a man in makeup, listen to the Savage Sacktap Halloween Spooktacular. We’re talking drugs, empowering costumes, holiday kidnappings, and getting our freak on in the Craigslist Casual Encounters section.

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The Savage Sacktap – Strokin It To The Oldies

It’s an incredibly touching episode of The Savage Sacktap. Mike professes his love for Boogie nights, cocaine, and self pleasure, then has his heart broken by Hugh Hefner. Gary joins us with an update for his quest for love on Craigslist, and we wrap things up with some tunes from The King Of Pop. Give it a listen and share with your friends.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Strokin It To The Oldies

(Contact for credit or removal)

(Contact for credit or removal)

The Savage Sacktap – The Modern Man

Mike’s kickin it old school with tunes from Bill Squire and The Village People. He questions the motives of the ‘Selfie Generation’, sings the praises of Christopher Columbus, and wonders what it really means to be a ‘modern man.’ Don’t miss a single second of the savagery, listen to this shit right now.

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Male Feminist

The Savage Sacktap – Biblical Blow Jobs

After a summer long hiatus Mike is back in business. After pondering the great mysteries of the universe including; did Jesus Christ ever suck a dick? And what it would be like to jerk off to Kim Davis doing interracial lesbian porn? We take a look at the future of The Savage Crew and discuss plans for world domination.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Biblical Blow Jobs