It’s An Absolute Travesty That This Woman Is Considered A ‘Criminal’ For Banging The High School Football Team


A California woman was arrested after she was accused of engaging in sexual activity with three members of the Mount Shasta High School football team, Siskiyou County prosecutors and police said.

Mary Fletcher, 42, who goes by the name Debbie, allegedly seduced and bedded the teenage kids after meeting the team while working alongside their photographer.


I’ve always been completely confused as to how this is a crime. There are entire genre’s of adult videos that cater specifically to the idea of a MILFy blonde chick getting railed out by by some kid in a varsity jacket, but all of a sudden when it happens in real life it’s illegal?

Does anyone realize the huge public service this woman has done? Hear me out — most dudes go to college and they’ve had a girlfriend or two from home who’s just as inexperienced as they are. They carry that skill level to college and it takes a few years to turn into a Grade A adult dick slinger.

But consider the alternative; you go a few rounds with a slutty cougar as a teen and you learn a thing or two, next thing you know you’re checking into the dorm at State U and developing a reputation as the best cervix muddler in town. The girls are happy, the guys are happy, the jizz drenched older woman is happy, it’s a win-win-win. Why burden the taxpayers and the court system to punish someone for performing a good deed?

This is why I need to run for office. This woman shouldn’t be given jail time, she should be given the key to the city…or at the very least the key to my hotel room.

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