If Your Wife Goes Out To Dinner With Another Dude, He’s Going To Try To Fuck Her

Romantic couple having dinner

He’s not here for a ‘business dinner’ he’s here to throw some horse radish on your wife’s oyster..

From the article (https://tinyurl.com/kyoag44

People on Twitter are currently arguing whether it’s OK for men and women who are not spouses or family to grab a bite together every once in a while — and it’s all because of a comment Vice President Mike Pence made in 2002.
On Wednesday, The Washington Post published a profile on second lady Karen Pence. The story, which was mostly focused on her background, also contained an interesting tidbit: Once upon a time, the current veep said he wouldn’t go out to eat with a woman who is not his wife.
But what really sparked a fire online was a question posed by conservative blogger Matt Walsh.
Annnnnnd here’s the tweet that sparked today’s internet firestorm:


And all the feminuts were like blah, blah, blah what if it’s a business dinner, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing broads; if a man has dinner alone with a woman, at some point during the meal he’s thinking about bending her over the table and fucking her. Either that or he’s gay. This has nothing to do with equality, nothing to do with feminism, it has everything to do with you sitting at home knowing that your wife is out to dinner with Carl from marketing, and at some point during the meal…scratch that…at most points during the meal Carl will be wondering how to get himself a little raw bar to go so to speak.

You can claim that it’s not true, but you’re only lying to yourself. For fucks sake do you idiots watch The Office? This is precisely the kind of snake shit Jim pulled to take Pam away from Roy. She sees him 40 hrs a week looking dapper in a suit and tie, he sees her strutting around the office in a pair of heels, bending over to grab something from the copier, they share an inside joke or two, then they decide to grab dinner to ‘discuss the Johnson account.’ If you’re a grown up you drink at dinner – those are the rules – next thing you know they’re both a little tipsy, Carl’s Viagra starts kicking in, and he’s slipping his TPS report into your wife’s inbox in the back seat of his 3-series while you play Call of Duty and rub one out to Desperate Amateurs.

Congrats boyo you’ve just been cucked…hard!

But it’s cool because the guy who sent the tweet is a conservative, straight, white, male, and he’s not allowed to have an opinion on ANYTHING that involves women because equality or something…

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