Weiner, Your Girlfriend…Woof


The teenaged girl whose sexting with Anthony Weiner helped shape the 2016 election is speaking out for the first time, telling Inside Edition that she played along with their creepy exchanges — until the disgraced pol included his young son in a bare-chested selfie he sent her.

At that point, “I was disgusted,” the teen says in the exclusive interview. “That was part of the reason I came forward.” (New York Post copy here)

Well if there was any debate remaining, any final holdouts who still dreamed of seeing Carlos Danger make a return to the political arena, this has to be the final nail in the coffin. Anthony Weiner is officially no longer fit to hold public office.

It’s not because he’s a pervert — I think all of us can get behind a little bit of pervy behavior right? In this day and age pretty much every one of us is just an errant click away from tweeting a dicky, accidentally sharing our favorite pornhub clip on Facebook, or getting exposed for sexting a thicc six that we met online. Shit happens, every one of those things could easily have happened to pretty much every straight, cock swinging, red blooded American male I’ve ever met. Sydney Leathers? Sure she’s got a couple extra LBS on her, but one look at her and all but the prudest among us can tell that she’s probably down for pretty much anything, and that kind of morally casual attitude could make even the most happily married man offer to put some icing on a young gal’s cake…so far so good.


You would, I would, we all would…

But once you’ve been busted twice, managed to make a political comeback once, and your Middle Eastern, bicurious (probably right? I mean a chick going down on her big bushed globalist mentor may not be every man’s lesbian dream come true, but beggars can’t be choosers and scissoring is still scissoring) smokeshow of a wife, stands by your side and lets you stick around, you gotta give up the game. Install a website blocker, trade in the iPhone for a flip, start jerking off to magazines instead of the internet just so you can avoid temptation, do literally anything in your power to avoid getting caught again.

But clearly Anthony Weiner for all his skill as an orator and a legislator, lacked the cognitive ability to come to this very clear conclusion.

They say hindsight is 20/20, well Anthony Weiner must be fucking blind. After being caught over and over again in the most public, and embarrassing ways possible, he went out and did it once more.

Another thing that ‘they say’ is that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity. So apparently Anthony Weiner is both blind AND insane. Which actually makes sense, because under no circumstances should any man — especially one living in the spotlight, under intense scrutiny, during the most heated political contest in recent memory — risk it all on an underaged, whatever the hell that thing is.

I mean what in the name of all that is holy was he thinking? This wasn’t an online liaison with the prom queen or the captain of the cheerleading squad. He wasn’t offering the nerdy but hot debate team champion a private tour of Anthony’s Weiner. No, no, no, no, no; he threw it all away on one of the homeliest looking teenage girls I’ve ever seen — her glamour shot for Inside Edition bears a vague resemblance to The Latrine from Men In Tights’ high school yearbook picture.


As a lifelong pervert, I’m not gonna say I haven’t done worse, but as a proud American taxpayer I can say with 100 percent honesty that we can do better, we have to do better. Anthony Weiner isn’t unfit to lead because he’s a deviant — everyone in Congress is — no, he’s unfit to lead because anyone who would throw it all away on a troll like this simply can’t be trusted to pass responsible legislation.

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