The Savage Sacktap – Sex Drugs And Acoustic Gueeeetar

Fall has fallen! Or something. Anyway, I’m kicking off the season by shaming everyone who drank a pumpkin beer or spiced latte before Labor Day, because that’s a big fuckin ‘no no’.

Then it’s onto teacher sex stories. Found a good one down in Arkansas, some comely young lass was getting cum all over her ass thanks to a group of strapping young lads who wanted to take down a teacher. Allow me to explain why it was the ultimate act of heroism and patriotism.

LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Sex Drugs And Acoustic Gueeeetar 

Football is back, that means locker room hazing is back too. But sometimes it goes beyond just razzin the new guys. Mike ponders the prevalance of butt stuff in modern day hazing rituals and asks, isn’t there a better way?

Then Senator Ted was Cruzin latenight porn on his Twitter account. Hear our take on the matter from a reputed masturbator.

And stick around for two creeps in the park with a grab bag full of free candy, fake dog shit, one acoustic guitar, and a poster collage of well known sexual predators. Mike is joined by Dave Monte for an afternoon of conversation, and behavior that borders on legal.

It’s all here in the latest edition of The Savage Sacktap

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