The Savage Sacktap – Fuggedaboudit

Vito_gayLISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Fuggedaboudit

Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, Godfather, the Sopranos — you love the movies and TV shows about thick necked Italians cruisin around in Caddies with their concubines while stacking up cash and bodies. Like any other proud Italian American, I love em too. So I went in search of someone who could tell me the stories behind the stories — enter Matty Cummings. Matty is a performer, tour guide, and history buff with New York City Gangster Tours and City Walks NY. He has a wealth of knowledge surrounding organized crime in New York and gave me a killer overview of city’s most infamous hit men, bosses, and racketeers. Don’t miss it!

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