The Savage Sacktap – Gagging Grandma


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Gagging Grandma

Kicking things off with a terrifying dive into the world of granny porn, where did I find it and why? And how does one get involved in producing granny porn to begin with? Then it’s on to a small town where parents hate the troops, and the skeletons in John Wayne’s closet — err coffin, before taking a look and a laugh at the Jussie Smollett case.

The Savage Sacktap – BlackFace The Nation


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – BlackFace The Nation

It’s 2019 and times they are a changin’…Seems like just yesterday we were on the warpath to take down celebrity sex offenders and find justice for all the womyn of the world. But it’s a new year, and #MeToo is out and blackface is in! Taking a look at the rash of high profile caucasian with egg errr shoe polish on their faces, plus; our annual bashing of Galentine’s Day, a BBW feasts on watermelon, and a ‘journalist’ sheds tears over FAKE NEWS!!!

The Savage Sacktap – #FuckFuckJerry


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – #FuckFuckJerry

Comedians are waging war on Fuck Jerry, who is he, and why does everyone hate him so much? Allow me to explain. But first, a wimpy cuck achieves racial harmony through an act of bi-curious deviance. Liam Neeson is not to be trifled with, and it was a little cold out last week — who cares? It’s February, it’s supposed to be cold! Then it’s on to something people care even less about; Maroon 5.

The Savage Sacktap – As Cold As Ice


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Cold As Ice

Several UN delegates and some guys from the gym are on a mission to bang your girl. Mike tries to melt the ice inside his soul with some hacky ethnic impersonations, but gets distracted because chicks on Twitter think Ted Bundy is sexy — he’s not, nobody from the 70s was. Then it’s time for a chat about coal mining, blackface, and racist restaurateurs, and as time winds down Mike realizes that he’s got a pretty good shot at banging Roger Stone’s wife.