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Weiner, Your Girlfriend…Woof


I mean what in the name of all that is holy was he thinking? This wasn’t an online liaison with the prom queen or the captain of the cheerleading squad. He wasn’t offering the nerdy but hot debate team champion a private tour of Anthony’s Weiner. No, no, no, no, no; he threw it all away on one of the homeliest looking teenage girls I’ve ever seen — her glamour shot for Inside Edition bears a vague resemblance to The Latrine from Men In Tights’ high school yearbook picture.

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Siesta Key Recap: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Chloe takes the opportunity to momentarily forget that she has a snood big enough to qualify for a presidential pardon on Thanksgiving, if only she didn’t enjoy getting stuffed so much. The muffin-topped muckraker is all too happy to bash Garrett’s admittedly lame pepperoni, cheese, and cracker picnic and note jar anniversary gift — a bit dumbfounding considering her obvious dietary preference for salted meats, processed carbs, and domestic cheese. To even the most casual observer one thing is clear — Chloe likely has a laundry basket filled to the brim with yoga pants bathed in the sulfuric parfum of daily snacking.

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Siesta Key Recap: With Friends Like These…


They say Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, well apparently Brandon has a dick that could launch a thousand fists. When the bell rings to start episode two, we find out that Chloe has already caught a beating.

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Siesta Key Recap: Summer Love, Douche Bags, And Duffers

Siesta Key castCredit: MTV

Siesta Key cast Credit: MTV

Siesta Key revolves around the booze fueled shenanigans of Alex — who may be retarded — and his attractive, but curiously kinda ugly friends. Somehow Alex has managed to establish himself as the alpha male of this group, and I’m really not sure how. What he lacks in charisma, he makes up for with his father’s money, but the buck pretty much stops there. By the time he pulled up in his boat at the Sneaky Tiki and ordered a ‘vodka red bull’ I was ready to bash his face in with an anchor — he really is too fucking dumb to even function and I cannot stand people who call it a vodka red bull. Just call it a red bull and vodka like everybody else, what are you some kind of special party boy? “Yooooo bro vodka red bull is my drink…” Shut the fuck up! Anyway, I think everyone just kisses his ass because his parents have a sweet house and he throws bangers, make sense I guess, but still he can eat a dick.

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This Story About 6 Chicks Blowing Up ‘Homeboys’ Spot For Date Stacking Is Absolutely Preposterous — Here’s Why


First of all, it’d be a stretch to call any of these chicken heads attractive, but there’s definitely a disparity among the group. From left to right we have one that is barely passable even in a dimly lit bar, bachelorette #2 looks like the result of a condomless night of passion between Bryant Gumble and a brillo pad, the blonde just passes muster, and the proud black woman on the far right gets a slight boost simply because she adds a bit of ethnic flavor to the mix. Somehow they all agreed to go out for drinks with a guy who Brillo Pad has preemptively accused of ‘sucking’ — which just speaks volumes about the general psyche of millennial women, but I digress.

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Google Engineer Fired For Expressing Unpopular Opinion, Internet Responds With Virtue Signaling

This guy James Damore is fucking legend. For those who don’t follow this kind of thing Google has been pursuing an agenda aimed at eliminating any kind of diversity of opinion whatsoever. They’re changing the way their site functions to suppress news from sources that leftists find undesirable, and they’re banning and blocking subversive content from sites like YouTube to silence opinions that the left doesn’t agree with – I think Jordan Peterson just got his page back.

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OJ Simpson Finds Out The Hard Way That Jerking Off In Jail Is A Big No-No


If I’m the Juice then I gotta go with the ol’ ignorance plea on this one. Who the fuck knew you weren’t allowed to masturbate in the privacy of your own prison cell. I was always under the impression that your cell was sort of like a hotel room; do whatever weird shit you want within the confines of the box, just keep it out of the common areas. If a guard happens upon you mid-stroke, they just turn their heads and walk the other way, like when you catch your dog tonguing away at his own nutsack — see no evil, stroke no evil, and such.

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In Defense Of The Right To Offend


Any time we hear about one of these instances in which a ‘controversial speaker’ is disinvited or forced to cancel an event at a college campus due to threats of violence, or in the case of Berkeley, actual violence it elicits a played out troupe of responses from the liberal peanut gallery; ‘the first amendment only protects you from government censorship maaaaaaaaan,’ or ‘hate speech is not protected by the first amendment,’ and of course the dismissive ‘but if it’s just a bunch of snowflake college kids why do you care?’ etc.

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If Your Wife Goes Out To Dinner With Another Dude, He’s Going To Try To Fuck Her


And all the feminuts were like blah, blah, blah what if it’s a business dinner, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing broads; if a man has dinner alone with a woman, at some point during the meal he’s thinking about bending her over the table and fucking her. Either that or he’s gay. This has nothing to do with equality, nothing to do with feminism, it has everything to do with you sitting at home knowing that your wife is out to dinner with Carl from marketing, and at some point during the meal…scratch that…at most points during the meal Carl will be wondering how to get himself a little raw bar to go so to speak.

You can claim that it’s not true, but you’re only lying to yourself. For fucks sake do you idiots watch The Office? This is precisely the kind of snake shit Jim pulled to take Pam away from Roy…

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Drunk Dude Humps Statue To Make Buddies Laugh, Feminist Loses Her Mind


Humping a statue because you’re drunk and you think it will make your buddies laugh, makes perfect sense to me. What I don’t get is; who the fuck spends their Saturday night hanging out in the Financial District having a discussion about empowering women and children? Get a life nerds.

I can just imagine the kind of snooty Brooklyn douche bags who were offended by this too — they’re the assholes who cried actual tears after Orange Donald won the election, and said things like ‘voting for Donald Trump is an act of violence against women’ and blah, blah, blah SHUT UP!

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It’s An Absolute Travesty That This Woman Is Considered A ‘Criminal’ For Banging The High School Football Team


I’ve always been completely confused as to how this is a crime. There are entire genre’s of adult videos that cater specifically to the idea of a MILFy blonde chick getting railed out by by some kid in a varsity jacket, but all of a sudden when it happens in real life it’s illegal?

Does anyone realize the huge public service this woman has done? Hear me out — most dudes go to college and they’ve had a girlfriend or two from home who’s just as inexperienced as they are. They carry that skill level to college and it takes a few years to turn into a Grade A adult dick slinger.

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ESPN May Replace Chris Berman With Samantha Ponder…No Thanks


Go ahead and call me a sexist, but I’m not watching a fucking NFL pregame show hosted by a chick. Give me former NFL players, and fat guys who got cut from the JV team back in 86 and have spent the past few decades burying the disappointed look on their father’s faces with beer, wings, and a passion for breaking down the intricacies of the Cover 2, or just give me Jon Gruden talking to a chalkboard by himself for a couple hours, but DO NOT under any circumstances give me a chick getting production notes fed into her headset for three hours on Sunday mornings.

It’s bad enough that I had to sit through 9 innings of Jessica Mendoza every time the Mets played on Sunday nights last year, but this is a step too far…

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Wait A Minute, I Thought All Male Disney Characters Were Already Gay…


It’s a movie about a grown man who lives alone in a lavishly decorated mansion, joined only by a candelabra and a cabal of tea cups that spontaneously break out into song…am I wrong for assuming the entire cast was always gay?

I don’t want to come off as homophobic, I’m just saying there aren’t a lot of straight men who own palatial homes that feature ballroom dance floors. For fucks sake, the beast was keeping an old man chained up in his built-in S&M dungeon -– tell me this hairy bastard isn’t 50 shades of gay, you can’t!

And let’s not forget Gaston. His outfit says Castro District Pride Parade, and his beefy pecs covered in brillowy chest hair just scream ‘I’m a big burly bear in search of a tight hole, let’s polish off these mojitos and head back to my place for some Greco Roman wrestling.’

But it’s not just Beauty and The Beast, I gotta assume that every leading man in Disney’s filmography is playing for the other team.

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How A Media Witch Hunt Turned Milo Yiannopoulos Into a Martyr For Free Speech


Prior to the latest developments I was more a casual Milo observer than a ‘fan’, but since this witch hunt kicked off I’ve become a fan and fully intend to buy his book and attend an event. The whole situation is overflowing with hypocrisy — the American right is filled with pedos and boy touchers, and the left — in the midst of its glee over this controversy seems to have totally forgotten its longtime ‘listen to the victim’ schtick. In short, everyones a fuckin asshole…except me.

Milo recently addressed the outrage over the clips — which if you haven’t seen them were edited and taken wildly out of context.

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Op-Ed: Here’s Why The Left Is Dangerously Wrong About Islam

American Military News picked up my Op-Ed on Islam and the regressive left. This article is jam packed with intellectual ammo for you to launch at anyone who accuses you of being an Islamophobe for rationally criticizing Islam.

I have a confession to make; I’m a Bill Maher fan. The man is funny as hell and in addition to having a bit of a libertarian streak inside of him, Maher has been an outspoken critic of radical Islam.

Many media outlets have refused to view Islam through a critical lens even As ISIS and Al Qaeda continue to wage a campaign of terror that has targeted Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

Where CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and many others have dropped the ball, Maher has picked it up and sprinted for the end zone.

Over the past year his guests have included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani, and Raheel Raza, all Muslim women who have firsthand experience with the side of Islam that the regressive left refuses to admit exists.

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Cuba Libre? Not For Dissidents Who Were Stuffed In Jail Cells Ahead Of Obama’s Visit

American Military News picked up my piece on President Obama’s trip to Cuba.

Cuba may be just a stone’s throw from the southernmost tip of Florida, but it exists in another universe when it comes to basic human rights.

This week President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Marxist-Leninist republic since 1959.

During his address from Havana, Obama called for an expansion of freedoms in the communist country. If that message didn’t reach Cuba’s jail cells, we can only hope that President Raul Castro heard it loud and clear.

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Extremist Country Of Bahrain Detains Human Rights Activist And Her 1-Year-Old Son

A Bahraini human rights activist has been arrested along with her 15-month-old son. The Human rights watchdog group, Human Rights First, reported that “Zainab Al Khawaja and her baby were seized from her home today by security officers.”

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#TheTriggering: How A Twitter Hashtag Sent The PC Police Running For The Nearest Safe Space

This week Lauren Southern, a contributor at Rebel Media, struck a blow in favor of liberty with #TheTriggering.

In an article for International Business Times, Southern wrote that she initially suggested #TheTriggering as a joke, but was encouraged by positive feedback.

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Free Speech Is Under Attack In Canada

Greetings ya fucks! American Military News recently picked up an article I wrote about the war on free speech up in Canada. With everyone and their mother threatening to head for cooler climes if the Donald becomes the next president, it’s worth taking a look at how Canada views our constitutionally protected freedoms. If you’re a fan of things like freedom and liberty the answer may upset you. If you’re a regressive crybaby who thinks we should legislate based on hurt feelings, the answer may delight you.

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