The Savage Sacktap – She Can Dance If She Wants To


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – She Can Dance If She Wants To

Dancing queen Alexandira Ocasio Cortez foxtrotted her way into congress last week. She may be confident enough to do the macarena on social media, but is she competent enough to hold office? Doubtful. The #MeToo movement consumes one of its own in India, and Kevin Hart is just like soooo over hosting the Oscars. All that and fellatio in the latest episode of the Savage Sacktap.

The Savage Sacktap – New Year New You


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – New Year New You

Please excuse the pops, I’m getting used to a new microphone…if you can survive the amateurish production quality we’ve got quite a show in store for you. Teen twinks are getting groped by A-list actors (Spacey Video), and Louis CK continues to kill. All that plus a fond farewell to Bob Einstein — AKA the Funk Man.

The Savage Sacktap – A Very Savage Christmas


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – A Very Savage Christmas

Well not everyone’s dreaming of a white Christmas, the protestors are out in force and they want Santa to step down from his magical sleigh…and make room for a LatinX Transwoman…or something. Mike is trying to stave off the onset of seasonal affective disorder while Joey fills the room with bagel farts, and Jackie continues to serve as a disgrace to the female gender. All that plus fun with Christmas carols, a glimpse at Christmas with Jefferson Davis, and our season’s wish for the world.

The Savage Sacktap – Talkin Turkey II


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Talkin Turkey II

Twas a couple nights before Thanksgiving and all through the house, Mike could hear his upstairs neighbor givin his old lady that viagra dick…Then it’s time to give thanks, apologize on behalf of all men who have held down women in STEM, and a primer on starting fights at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We’re talkin turkey in the latest episode of the Savage Sacktap!

The Savage Sacktap – Lemon Party


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – Lemon Party

When life hands you lemons, call up two friends and throw a party! If you know what that means, then you what I’m talkin about, if not then open a fresh browser window and do a Google image search for ‘Lemon Party’ — I’ll wait. Anyway, 2018 has been the shittiest year on record for your’s truly, so I decided to podcast about it. Tune in to hear me blow off some steam about getting repeatedly kicked in the balls, then we’ll talk Victoria’s Secret, fatties, trannies, and the War on Christmas.

The Savage Sacktap – No Sane Man


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap – No Sane Man

In April of 2008, two young Marines laid down their lives to save their brothers from a 2,000 lbs truck bomb. When General John Kelly arrived on the scene to see for himself what had happened, an emotional Iraqi police officer told him, “”Sir, in the name of God no sane man would have stood there and done what they did.” This week’s episode of the Savage Sacktap is a tribute to the heroism of Cpl. Jonathan Yale and LCpl Jordan Haerter, told by a Marine whose life they saved. Semper Fi

Halloween Spooktacular – The Handmaid’s Fail


LISTEN: The Savage Sacktap Halloween Spooktacular – The Handmaid’s Fail

It’s that time of year again; leaves crunch under foot, candy corns induce sugar fueled nausea, and social justice unleash hysteria over people trying to have a good time — that’s right it’s Halloween!!! We’re back with another Spooktacular Halloween show featuring rants about feminuts, a special history lesson, poetry, and a couple of heart to heart convos at our annual Halloween bash!