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Mike – Creator, Host of The Savage Sacktap, Co-Host of The Savage Hour, Only One With A Bio On This Website

Hey guys, welcome to the page. I’m Mike. I’m a former United States Marine, and lifelong meathead.

I created The Savage Crew in the spring of 2013, a full three years before every asshole on the internet decided to use the word savage to describe anything and everything. I’ve considered changing the name because it just sounds so douchey now, but I’m pretty sure I’m in too deep — just gonna have to swallow the turd on that one, oh well. Anyway, the page was conceived out of a marriage between my love for digital media and my hate for everyone on my Facebook newsfeed. What began as a place for my buddies to shit post and complain about society has since blossomed into a podcast (The Savage Sacktap) and burgeoning (not really) video platform.

Likes: Teaching children about Slender Man, spread offenses, online high-def adult cinema, dogs, the New York Mets, the Dallas football Cowboys, standup comedy, podcasts, pizza.

Dislikes: People at the gym who can’t stop talking about pre-workout, open-letters, everyone else on the PATH train, white wine, Buzzfeed, Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton, most country music, The Parker House, Friends, people who watch Friends, people who post videos of their friends watching Game of Thrones, overzealous Yelp reviewers, soccer, people who don’t watch soccer but then start watching soccer during the World Cup and then stop watching soccer after the World Cup, people who remind you that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, dubstep, the sound of children singing, condoms, The Big Bang Theory, the new Ghostbusters even though I’ve only seen the trailer, the Dave Matthews Band, fans of the Dave Mathews Band, most of the people who live in Hoboken, angry veterans, third wave feminism, Macklemore, people who are inspired by Macklemore’s music, Macklemore’s haircut, people who use the phrase “Just sayin” on social media, the regressive left, fidget spinners, Odell Beckham Jr’s haircut, Jezebel, people who get married inside of a church even though it’s really nice outside, looking at pictures of other people’s kids, everyone else in the locker room at Retro Fitness…

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