The Savage Sacktap – The RompHim Stomp Him Summer

Welcome to the Romp Him Stomp Him Summer, the next 14 weeks of fun are brought to you by the Romp Him — the causal garment for men of leisure who like to suck a little dick on the side.

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Mike’s raging against fidget spinners, manspreading accusations, and poor summer clothing choices in this addition of The Savage Sacktap.

Then it’s time to pontificate about the death of Celino and Barnes, masturbating in front of a window, Trump and his pals in the USSR and much much more.

Before we close things out, Mike takes a voicemail and is forced to ponder the unthinkable — sex with Lena Dunham!


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The Savage Sacktap – Friendly Skies And Pantless Guys

Mike begins the episode by using some serious firepower to put an end to the worst meme ever created.

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Then it’s a trip down memory lane, as our fearless host recalls West Village run-ins with aggressive, meth fueled gays, and one very forward tranny.



After that we’re introducing listeners to a hot new lesbian dating app, pondering the pros and cons of flying United airlines, what to do if you’re a pill dealing doctor in search of down low sex, and unleashing a firestorm of hate upon everyone who went out to buy a Unicorn Frap.

Later Gary stops by to bring us up to speed on his band Deaf Rhino’s latest album, and upcoming shows. We also watched some sweet music videos and tried to figure out why Marilyn Manson got blamed for so many school shootings, but Eddie Vedder got off scott free.

It’s all coming up in this edition of The Savage Sacktap.

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The Savage Sacktap – Desperate Amateurs


Did you know – before United was beating the piss out of sex-addicted Asian doctors, they were fueling misogyny by preventing girls from flying with leggings on? Mike takes a look at the feminist uproar surrounding the airline’s original scandal, before grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching the Pepsi commercial heard round the world.

LISTEN HERE – The Savage Sacktap – Desperate Amateurs


Then I’ll take a voicemail, and discuss the intricacies of amateur porn, explain how I tricked a friend into walking smack into a hotbed of steamy gay sex, and offer a final tribute to comedic legend Don Rickles.


In Defense Of The Right To Offend


Any time we hear about one of these instances in which a ‘controversial speaker’ is disinvited or forced to cancel an event at a college campus due to threats of violence, or in the case of Berkeley, actual violence it elicits a played out troupe of responses from the liberal peanut gallery; ‘the first amendment only protects you from government censorship maaaaaaaaan,’ or ‘hate speech is not protected by the first amendment,’ and of course the dismissive ‘but if it’s just a bunch of snowflake college kids why do you care?’ etc.

Here’s the thing; hate speech is most definitely protected by the first amendment and thank Buddha that it is. Giving those in power the ability to police abstract concepts like ‘hate speech’ is incredibly dangerous. How does one even define hate speech? To a men’s rights activist it may mean one thing, to a feminist another, to a neo-Nazi hate speech will be defined in a way that is entirely different than the way an orthodox Jew will interpret it. If ‘hate speech’ is banned then those in power can silence opposition by simply smacking it with the ‘hate speech’ label – what better way to open the door to certain tyranny.

As for the idea that ‘the first amendment only applies to gov’t censorship’ — I have no desire to litigate in a blog post – although one could make a pretty solid argument that any school receiving tuition payments in the form of federal student loans, etc. be bound by that amendment (this is precisely how Title IX works btw). More important than that though is the spirit of free speech. To drive a person away from giving a public lecture through the use of violence and intimidation is – at the very least – a gross violation of the spirit one of our nation’s founding principles.

That this behavior is perpetrated by students, and passively encouraged (failing to immediately condemn such acts is without a doubt a form of passive encouragement) at institutes of higher learning around the U.S., is in a word – disgusting. Not only are we failing our nation’s young people by denying them the opportunity to absorb a range of viewpoints, but we are conditioning an entire generation to believe nothing is up for debate, uncomfortable ideas should be silenced or at the very least avoided, and that the appropriate response when confronted with an opposing viewpoint is to silence that viewpoint through ad hominem or, worse, physical attacks.

Highly regarded schools like Yale, Berkeley, and Michigan among others are creating the media pundits and policy makers of tomorrow. As such, passing these incidents off (and there have been a great many that haven’t received the type of press that Berkeley does) as minor blips on the socio-political radar does a massive disservice to our ongoing pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and our nation’s welfare as a whole.

TLDR – Hey college dickheads, put down the bottle rockets and quit assaulting professors.

If Your Wife Goes Out To Dinner With Another Dude, He’s Going To Try To Fuck Her

Romantic couple having dinner

He’s not here for a ‘business dinner’ he’s here to throw some horse radish on your wife’s oyster..

From the article (

People on Twitter are currently arguing whether it’s OK for men and women who are not spouses or family to grab a bite together every once in a while — and it’s all because of a comment Vice President Mike Pence made in 2002.
On Wednesday, The Washington Post published a profile on second lady Karen Pence. The story, which was mostly focused on her background, also contained an interesting tidbit: Once upon a time, the current veep said he wouldn’t go out to eat with a woman who is not his wife.
But what really sparked a fire online was a question posed by conservative blogger Matt Walsh.
Annnnnnd here’s the tweet that sparked today’s internet firestorm:


And all the feminuts were like blah, blah, blah what if it’s a business dinner, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing broads; if a man has dinner alone with a woman, at some point during the meal he’s thinking about bending her over the table and fucking her. Either that or he’s gay. This has nothing to do with equality, nothing to do with feminism, it has everything to do with you sitting at home knowing that your wife is out to dinner with Carl from marketing, and at some point during the meal…scratch that…at most points during the meal Carl will be wondering how to get himself a little raw bar to go so to speak.

You can claim that it’s not true, but you’re only lying to yourself. For fucks sake do you idiots watch The Office? This is precisely the kind of snake shit Jim pulled to take Pam away from Roy. She sees him 40 hrs a week looking dapper in a suit and tie, he sees her strutting around the office in a pair of heels, bending over to grab something from the copier, they share an inside joke or two, then they decide to grab dinner to ‘discuss the Johnson account.’ If you’re a grown up you drink at dinner – those are the rules – next thing you know they’re both a little tipsy, Carl’s Viagra starts kicking in, and he’s slipping his TPS report into your wife’s inbox in the back seat of his 3-series while you play Call of Duty and rub one out to Desperate Amateurs.

Congrats boyo you’ve just been cucked…hard!

But it’s cool because the guy who sent the tweet is a conservative, straight, white, male, and he’s not allowed to have an opinion on ANYTHING that involves women because equality or something…

The Savage Sacktap – Forward March

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Forward March

Well, Zeke grabbed a teat, I guess he was in the mood for a St. Patrick’s Day treat. The media went ballistic about another winter storm that wasn’t — so this time around I’m examining the pros and cons of loading up on bread, milk, and eggs, during a storm, and explaining to the average man how a trip outside to shovel the snow can lead to your wife getting banged by a pair of high school linebackers!


Then I’m breaking down the controversy surrounding Marines United, and their online amateur porn ring, and Jackie stopped by to drink and bitch about feminism.


And a reminder, this episode of the Savage Sacktap was brought to you by Cosby Cups!

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Drunk Dude Humps Statue To Make Buddies Laugh, Feminist Loses Her Mind


(From the Article) A pervy Wall Street brah was photographed humping the new statue of a little girl, meant to signify women’s empowerment in the financial sector.

The troubling scene was captured Thursday night by Alexis Kaloyanides, a 34-year-old architectural designer from Queens, who was visiting the piece of public art called “Fearless Girl” – directly across the way from the iconic Charging Bull statue in Lower Manhattan.

“It was a beautiful night … there were about 15 or 20 people there,” Kaloyanides told “Inside Edition.”

“There were people there talking about empowering children and women and for them to have this 20-something showing his entitlement, defiling the statute.”

Humping a statue because you’re drunk and you think it will make your buddies laugh, makes perfect sense to me. What I don’t get is; who the fuck spends their Saturday night hanging out in the Financial District having a discussion about empowering women and children? Get a life nerds.

I can just imagine the kind of snooty Brooklyn douche bags who were offended by this too — they’re the assholes who cried actual tears after Orange Donald won the election, and said things like ‘voting for Donald Trump is an act of violence against women’ and blah, blah, blah SHUT UP!

Seriously, did a drunk finance bro jokingly humping a bunch of statues after happy hour, really warrant a call to the New York fucking Post? I thought you guys were supposed to be fearless…isn’t that the name of the statue? The ‘Fearless Girl.’ Wouldn’t fearlessness entail the ability to be able to see a drunk dude hump a statue of a complete stranger without getting your panties all twisted?

And while we’re on the subject. The word fearless has got to go. It’s up there with fierce, and bad ass, and everything else that’s meant to ’empower’ women, but just comes off sounding patronizing and overreaching.

Let me tell you jabronis something. If you are living in America in the year 2017, and were able to take off of work for this absurd #DayWithoutAWoman, then you’re already empowered. If you aren’t subject to honor killings, clitoral circumcision, or made to wear a hijab and leave the house only in the company of a male escort, then you are already empowered. Christ fuck, the originator of this complaint was an architectural designer from Queens. You have a good job in the most important city on the planet, you have achieved full empowerment, it’s no longer our fault if your social or professional trajectory begins to stall.

This broad must be a fuckin peach to have around the workplace. Probably the type who constantly complains that the air conditioning is sexist, refers to history as ‘HER-story’ and annoys the shit out of everyone, so she keeps missing out on promotions and never gets invited out to get beers after work. I got news for ya toots, you’re not stuck in a boys club, you’re just an insufferable cunt who annoys everyone with constant social justice bellyaching.


Female empowerment done right!

Empowerment? That’s your answer? That’s your answer to everything. Tattoo it on your forehead! Your revolution is over Ms. Kaloyanides! Condolonces! The feminazis lost! My advice to you is to do what your mother did! Eat a dick, ma’m. The feminazis will always lose, do you hear me? The feminazis will always lose!