It’s An Absolute Travesty That This Woman Is Considered A ‘Criminal’ For Banging The High School Football Team


A California woman was arrested after she was accused of engaging in sexual activity with three members of the Mount Shasta High School football team, Siskiyou County prosecutors and police said.

Mary Fletcher, 42, who goes by the name Debbie, allegedly seduced and bedded the teenage kids after meeting the team while working alongside their photographer.


I’ve always been completely confused as to how this is a crime. There are entire genre’s of adult videos that cater specifically to the idea of a MILFy blonde chick getting railed out by by some kid in a varsity jacket, but all of a sudden when it happens in real life it’s illegal?

Does anyone realize the huge public service this woman has done? Hear me out — most dudes go to college and they’ve had a girlfriend or two from home who’s just as inexperienced as they are. They carry that skill level to college and it takes a few years to turn into a Grade A adult dick slinger.

But consider the alternative; you go a few rounds with a slutty cougar as a teen and you learn a thing or two, next thing you know you’re checking into the dorm at State U and developing a reputation as the best cervix muddler in town. The girls are happy, the guys are happy, the jizz drenched older woman is happy, it’s a win-win-win. Why burden the taxpayers and the court system to punish someone for performing a good deed?

This is why I need to run for office. This woman shouldn’t be given jail time, she should be given the key to the city…or at the very least the key to my hotel room.

ESPN May Replace Chris Berman With Samantha Ponder…No Thanks


While Ponder (who’s married to NFL quarterback Christian Ponder) is described as a “strong candidate,” nothing has been finalized, sources said. If Ponder does land the lead chair on “Sunday NFL Countdown,” she won’t take over Berman’s other duties such as hosting Day One of NFL Draft coverage, according to sources.

Ponder serves as a contributor to ESPN’s Emmy-winning “College Gameday” and as a sideline reporter for college football/basketball coverage. She also works with Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler for ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” coverage. The Phoenix native previously served as a host/reporter for Fox Sports. More

Go ahead and call me a sexist, but I’m not watching a fucking NFL pregame show hosted by a chick. Give me former NFL players, and fat guys who got cut from the JV team back in 86 and have spent the past few decades burying the disappointed look on their father’s faces with beer, wings, and a passion for breaking down the intricacies of the Cover 2, or just give me Jon Gruden talking to a chalkboard by himself for a couple hours, but DO NOT under any circumstances give me a chick getting production notes fed into her headset for three hours on Sunday mornings.

It’s bad enough that I had to sit through 9 innings of Jessica Mendoza every time the Mets played on Sunday nights last year, but this is a step too far.

There are certain things that should never happen; a Jew becoming Pope, a snowstorm in Saudi Arabia, and a chick being shoe-horned into a host spot on an NFL pregame show, all fall into that category.

Mark my words, if this happens it will be one of the final straws to break the camel’s back over at ESPN — every fan with a pair of testes will be tuning in to NFL Network, CBS, and FOX from August through February.

I know it might sound weird that I think it would be a terrible idea to replace a fat man with a hot blonde. Weird indeed, but context matters — there is as they say ‘a time and a place for everything’ and if I see an attractive blonde woman surrounded by a group of athletic gentlemen of color it better be over on not live on ESPN.

I’m not saying they need to get back in the kitchen, but chicks sure as hell don’t belong on the pregame show every Sunday.

Wait A Minute, I Thought All Male Disney Characters Were Already Gay…


I hate to break it to you guys, but Beauty And The Beast was already pretty fucking gay…

From the Time article

Spoiler alert: the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast will feature Disney’s first-ever openly gay character.

Director Bill Condon told Attitude that the character LeFou, played by Josh Gad, will get an important subplot in the film that touches on sexuality and involves villain Gaston.

“LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” Condon said. “Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”

It’s a movie about a grown man who lives alone in a lavishly decorated mansion, joined only by a candelabra and a cabal of tea cups that spontaneously break out into song…am I wrong for assuming the entire cast was always gay?

I don’t want to come off as homophobic, I’m just saying there aren’t a lot of straight men who own palatial homes that feature ballroom dance floors. For fucks sake, the beast was keeping an old man chained up in his built-in S&M dungeon -– tell me this hairy bastard isn’t 50 shades of gay, you can’t!

And let’s not forget Gaston. His outfit says Castro District Pride Parade, and his beefy pecs covered in brillowy chest hair just scream ‘I’m a big burly bear in search of a tight hole, let’s polish off these mojitos and head back to my place for some Greco Roman wrestling.’

But it’s not just Beauty and The Beast, I gotta assume that every leading man in Disney’s filmography is playing for the other team.

I mean really is it that much of a stretch to believe that Aladdin went through a dry spell and spent a night of passion with Abu, contracted AIDS, and then spread it throughout the rest of the Middle East a week later on Man Love Friday? The vest and the fez alone are enough to convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that this guy is a ‘Grade A’ snake charmer.


“Look Al, I’m not really sure how to tell you this, so I’m just gonna say it; you should get tested, like ASAP!”

And Eric from The Little Mermaid? All of the creatures in the sea rise up and sing him a song so he’ll finally have the balls to make a move Ariel and this cuck still decides to wait until marriage? Guys rich enough to hold a lavish wedding on a ship and he wasn’t going around hammering pussy left and right? Something here just doesn’t add up, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he might be more interested in Ahab’s harpoon than Ariel’s pearl, but that’s just me.

We could go on and on and on with this shit people. How bout the prince from Cinderella? Dude throws a banger that every chick in the kingdom intends for the sole purpose of riding his royal dick and he decides to go chase down some prude who won’t give it up, because he likes her taste in shoes…surprised the magic slipper wasn’t a magic loafer left behind by a cock craving Cinder-Fella.

How A Media Witch Hunt Turned Milo Yiannopoulos Into a Martyr For Free Speech


Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos announced his resignation from the far-right news website Tuesday after a firestorm over his comments in which he appeared to condone pedophilia.

Full New York Post article here

Prior to the latest developments I was more a casual Milo observer than a ‘fan’, but since this witch hunt kicked off I’ve become a fan and fully intend to buy his book and attend an event. The whole situation is overflowing with hypocrisy — the American right is filled with pedos and boy touchers, and the left — in the midst of its glee over this controversy seems to have totally forgotten its longtime ‘listen to the victim’ schtick. In short, everyones a fuckin asshole…except me.

Milo recently addressed the outrage over the clips — which if you haven’t seen them were edited and taken wildly out of context.

Among his more salient points were the fact that Milo who is himself a victim of sexual abuse, uses dark ‘gallows’ humor to address this chapter of his life, and has been responsible for the arrest of several child sex offenders. But why let facts get in the way of a good witch hunt? People have spent the last year or so trying to silence Milo, because in 2017 when someone says something that we disagree with we go out of our way to ruin their career and reputation. Never mind beating them on the battlefield of ideas the way Bill Maher set out to do in last week’s Overtime.

Nope, in 2017 if you say the wrong thing about the wrong people — in Milo’s case that would be Islam and feminism — you may as well slap a big fat bullseye on your own back. The mob will not be silenced until you are! It’s so disgusting that it seems un-American to do so.

And please, spare me the dribble about how ‘the first amendment doesn’t protect you from the consequences of your speech.’ While that may be entirely true in the most technical sense, it’s little more than a convenient way to socially manipulate the spirit of free speech and free expression that we’re supposed to value in this country. It’s also part of the reason that we have found ourselves with an Orange skinned jackass in the oval office. People became so tired of being told what was socially acceptable to think or say that they eventually shut up and did their talking on election day, and surprise surprise they voted for the guy who used every debate, tweet, and campaign event as an opportunity to roast his opponents in the most crass manner possible.

Or as Milo put it:

Don’t think for a moment that this will stop me being as offensive, provocative and outrageously funny as I want on any subject I want. America has a colossal free speech problem. The land of the First Amendment has some of the most oppressive social restrictions on free expression anywhere in the western world. I’m proud to be a warrior for free speech and creative expression.

I want everyone in America, the greatest country in the history of human civilisation, to be able to be, do, read and say anything. I will never stop fighting for your right to do that.

If you have the time his full press conference is worth checking out.

The Savage Sacktap – Buckle Up


It’s the New Year’s episode that’s being released a month late, and boy am I glad I did. I was supposed to record this weeks ago, but scheduling conflicts got in the way. Thanks to the delay you’re getting two episodes in one!

I’m kicking things off by counting down the best moments from 2016…why? Because I’m sick of hearing internet cry babies whine about how ‘2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER!’ Along the way I take shots at Lena Dunham and Gawker, before giving a quick lesson on the deviant fetish known as pegging.


After that I took a look at the new fire meme in the internet streets, watched Ashley Judd and Madonna lose their minds during the women’s march on Washington, and had a little chat with our old friend Gary.

All this and more in the latest episode of The Savage Sacktap

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The Savage Sacktap – Mourning In America

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