The Savage Sacktap – The Taffer Tapes



The Taffer Tapes have surfaced…well they were never hidden, but I now have the best part chopped down to an MP3 file. Listen and you’ll hear Jon call me a wiseass during a live radio segment. After that a quick look at society’s latest stupidity — idiots having loud cell convos and people who don’t know about Waco…and then, was Abe Lincoln gay? Maybe! It’s all here in the latest episode of the Savage Sacktap!


The Savage Sacktap – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


LISTEN HERE: The Savage Sacktap – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Recapping my Barstool Idol week bust; what went wrong, what went right, and what’s next for the Savage Sacktap. I went undercover for a few hours with finance douches on a bus ride to Long Beach Island — I still don’t understand why they wear those stupid ass vests. Then it’s time to take a dump before paying homage to the home computer of the late 90s and early 00s. It’s all here in the latest episode of The Savage Sacktap.

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