The Savage Sacktap – Thunder From Down Under

aussie postcard

Mugzy calls in all the way from down under in Australia. We shot the bull about Trump, Aussie slang, scary spiders, hip hop music, smartphones, political correctness and much more. In addition to being a cool ass dude, Mugzy is also an actor and a hip hop artist. He filled me in on his more recent projects and we’ve got some tasty links for you to checkout so you can download his tunes.

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The Savage Sacktap – The Modern Man

Mike’s kickin it old school with tunes from Bill Squire and The Village People. He questions the motives of the ‘Selfie Generation’, sings the praises of Christopher Columbus, and wonders what it really means to be a ‘modern man.’ Don’t miss a single second of the savagery, listen to this shit right now.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – The Modern Man

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