The Savage Sacktap – Thunder From Down Under

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Mugzy calls in all the way from down under in Australia. We shot the bull about Trump, Aussie slang, scary spiders, hip hop music, smartphones, political correctness and much more. In addition to being a cool ass dude, Mugzy is also an actor and a hip hop artist. He filled me in on his more recent projects and we’ve got some tasty links for you to checkout so you can download his tunes.

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The Thought Police Strike Again

Shania Twain had to apologize for saying would have voted for Trump, and the Brits slapped Count Dankula with a fine for filming his girlfriend’s dog doing a Nazi salute.

It was a shitty few days for free speech. Country star Twain got bullied into recanting and apologizing for saying something that half the country agreed with. No wonder they call them the silent majority — Trump voters can’t get a word in edgewise…unless it’s election day that is.

Shania Wrong Think

The Brits took a whack at free speech — Bloody wankers, how dare they! Jests and japes aside, it’s disconcerting that a “liberal” western government would punish someone over a joke video posted on the internet, but that’s exactly what happened. Count Dankula was fined for hate speech — idiots cheered, while the level-headed among us asked ‘who gets to determine what counts as hate speech?’ The British courts apparently. I call shenanigans.

Nazi Salute

We’re looking at that and more from the world of online outrage in this edition of Sacktap Live.

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Don’t Get Kidnapped By A Fake Uber Driver

Apparently there are people out there getting kidnapped by fake Uber drivers. The situation has become so dire in fact, that The Today Show dedicated an entire segment to not getting kidnapped by a fake Uber driver. But I gotta ask, who are these idiots getting into cars with not-Uber drivers? It doesn’t make sense, you know what the car looks like you know what the driver looks like, you know the god damn license plate number. How are you still getting in the wrong car?

donny fists

And of course the brouhaha surrounding Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels has continued in the courts, and in the lamestream media. Do I care? No! Am I going to talk about it? Yes! Check it all out in that there video up top…

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Zuckerberg Gets Grilled On Capitol Hill Day 1

Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of “We the Congress” on Tuesday and it was fuckin hilarious. Our intrepid lawmakers got right to work grilling errr grandstanding with inane questions and a demonstrable inability to understand the very basics of how Facebook functions.

One such Senator — I’m too lazy to look up who — proclaimed that if Zuckerberg doesn’t do something to prevent nefarious Russian bots from skimming data off the accounts of the dullards playing Candy Crush during your commute, or the jackasses answering ‘Which Sex And The City Cum Dumpster Am I” quizzes, then “We the Congress” must. I guess maybe then the hipster, liberal, elite will get their net neutrality after all…Everything’ll seem totally peachy, but just wait til there’s a Republican in the White House who might be tempted to use the policy in a questionable manner. Then they’ll rue the day they stomped their feet for it and demand a return to a truly free and open internet. Ahhhh, but reading sucks; watch the video above for more thoughts on this, and round the clock surveillance by the Elf On The Shelf.

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The Savage Sacktap – The RompHim Stomp Him Summer

Welcome to the Romp Him Stomp Him Summer, the next 14 weeks of fun are brought to you by the Romp Him — the causal garment for men of leisure who like to suck a little dick on the side.

LISTEN HERE: The Savage Sacktap – The RompHim Stomp Him Summer

Mike’s raging against fidget spinners, manspreading accusations, and poor summer clothing choices in this addition of The Savage Sacktap.

Then it’s time to pontificate about the death of Celino and Barnes, masturbating in front of a window, Trump and his pals in the USSR and much much more.

Before we close things out, Mike takes a voicemail and is forced to ponder the unthinkable — sex with Lena Dunham!


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The Savage Sacktap – Buckle Up


It’s the New Year’s episode that’s being released a month late, and boy am I glad I did. I was supposed to record this weeks ago, but scheduling conflicts got in the way. Thanks to the delay you’re getting two episodes in one!

I’m kicking things off by counting down the best moments from 2016…why? Because I’m sick of hearing internet cry babies whine about how ‘2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER!’ Along the way I take shots at Lena Dunham and Gawker, before giving a quick lesson on the deviant fetish known as pegging.


After that I took a look at the new fire meme in the internet streets, watched Ashley Judd and Madonna lose their minds during the women’s march on Washington, and had a little chat with our old friend Gary.

All this and more in the latest episode of The Savage Sacktap

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The Savage Sacktap – Erection Day

Election 2016 is just days away. After a summertime hiatus filled with sun, sand, guns, and buns Mike is back to spread his verbal poison to the masses. We’ve got a brief review of everything that’s gone down over the past few months (Pokemon Go, the DNC, the RNC, Donald Trump grabbing by the…Crooked Hillary, Lena Dunham, Locker Room Talk, and Colin Kaepernick), a little bit of commercial parody, and little chat with Jimmy from Philly.

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