The Savage Sacktap – Halloween Spooktacular II


Cultural appropriation, child molestation, an impromptu grindr date, and visit from a very bawdy scarecrow are on the devil’s docket for our Halloween Spooktacular.


Mike started podcasting about the Halloweens of his youth, but was interrupted by a cast of eccentric trick-or-treaters. Along the way, he explained why apples and pennies are the shittiest things you can hand out on Halloween, ripped into parents for ruining the holiday with ‘trunk or treat’ and taught us all an important lesson about racial sensitivity…he also got his dick grabbed by a weirdo.

Scoop up some skittles and check it out.

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The Savage Sacktap – Halloween Spooktacular

The air is crisp, leaves crunch underfoot as you stroll gaily down the street in your finest autumn sweater, sipping a piping hot pumpkin spice latte, and pondering the meaning of life as the days grow short and nights turn colder. You turn the corner onto your block, almost home you think to yourself, when from behind a parked car a clown emerges. He struts towards you and without a word reaches out and touches your dick. Congratulations, you’ve just become the latest victim in a seemingly never ending string of clown molestations. Ease the pain and bury the shame of being groped by a man in makeup, listen to the Savage Sacktap Halloween Spooktacular. We’re talking drugs, empowering costumes, holiday kidnappings, and getting our freak on in the Craigslist Casual Encounters section.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Halloween Spooktacular

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