The Savage Sacktap – A Train Full Of Weirdos

india train

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There were so many weirdos on the train this week! I saw a cherubish couple who were either into incest, or just frighteningly similar looking, plus some effeminate teenagers, a dude who looked like he had been locked in a closet doing blow all weekend, and I farted everywhere…I mean EVERYWHERE. All that plus bloggers vs Seinfeld and the Simpsons, more on #JusticeForJunior, the Cuban mafia in Union City, and Trudeau pulled a Trump but Billy Bush was nowhere in sight.

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Glen Rock N’ Troll

So if you’ve ever listened to my podcast The Savage Sacktap, then you’ve certainly heard of my home town Glen Rock. What was once an upper middle class utopia, oft described as a ‘football town with a drinking problem’ has turned into a pit of white liberal guilt, helicopter parenting, and easily bruised feelings.

There was a time when teens in the rock could get away with a laundry list of infractions including blowing up aerosol cans, stealing elements from the chemistry lab to build small explosive devices, throwing slurpees at pedestrians, shooting up the town with paintball guns, and littering the main drag — Rock Road — with stale bagels without ruffling so much as a feather.

But times have changed.

FF original

Now, I think it’s a stretch to say they ‘destroyed’ the chairs. It’s pretty clear from this picture that the chairs were re-arranged (after they had already been put to their intended use BTW). I’m sure whoever did it did have a good time, but I’m not sure why their families would even give a shit. Either way I doubt they’ll be coming back to clean up.

Obviously, I had to have a little fun.

FF my original

It seems my playful jab touched a nerve…

FF I dont think that's funnyFF not sarcasm just rudeFF still madFF Nothing funny.pngFF I think its sad

Eventually these idiots started to catch on…

FF is this guy a troll

Get this broad a gig with the local detective bureau, she absolutely nailed !

FF figured it out

Christ that was a lot of fun. These idiots are usually in an uproar over something at least once every week or so, which means I will of course continue to troll — might even photoshop another one of these bad boys to see if I can get a little ruckus started before the weekend.

Keep your eyes locked to for the next one!

The Savage Sacktap – Straight White Males

straight white males

Chris Hardwick, Ed Werder, even Albert Einstein — the straight white males are under attack! So what do we do? We fight back! With podcasts!

DOWNLOAD HERE: The Savage Sacktap – Straight White Males

Join me as I break down the week’s controversies, script out scenes for a very naughty summertime blockbuster, and explain why maybe it’s not so okay to hate men. All that and some delightful dirty jokes in this episode of The Savage Sacktap.

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The Savage Sacktap – Thunder From Down Under

aussie postcard

Mugzy calls in all the way from down under in Australia. We shot the bull about Trump, Aussie slang, scary spiders, hip hop music, smartphones, political correctness and much more. In addition to being a cool ass dude, Mugzy is also an actor and a hip hop artist. He filled me in on his more recent projects and we’ve got some tasty links for you to checkout so you can download his tunes.

DOWNLOAD: The Savage Sacktap – Thunder From Down Under

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A Supreme Gentleman

So it looks like the nut job who ran over that crowd in Toronto was a men’s rights terrorist — probably not a good optic for us dick swingers.


I drew a shit straw from the insult jar this morning, but be sure to check it out anyway. I’ll be laying out the basics of the men’s right movement, explaining names like Chad and Stacey, explain why some dudes lash out, and propose a solution to the perpetual threat to society known as the straight, white, male.

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The Savage Sacktap – Beef And Beer Will Make Us Buff


Sean stops by to discuss plans for a new fight club style training club. Just a group of guys getting together a couple times a month to move heavy shit around before burning and feasting upon massive slabs of animal flesh and washing it all down with giant glasses of beer…we may eat a vegetable or two as well.

Walking Street Pattaya Girl

As is often the case Mike derails the conversation with talk of Philippino hookers, and complaints about everyone he hates at the gym.


For reals though this training group should be getting going in the next couple of months. If you want a way to stay lean and strong while still sippin sodas all summer long, follow the social media links below for updates.

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Political Sex Scandal Pot Pourri – Deviance Through The Decades

Don’t get buttfucked by a horse, that’s the big takeaway from this one. I’ll explain why equine sodomy is a sucker’s bet and how you can avoid having your colon ripped apart by Secretariat. Then it’s time to take a look at political perversion through the decades. From Jefferson to Clinton and beyond, American political figures have always been tremendous perverts. After having fun at our lusty lawmakers’ expense Mike asks the question that everyone has been afraid to — why the hell did the gays fight so hard to get married? They had it made in the shade. No kids, no divorce, no alimony, no nothing. Just anal, good buddies, and brunch. Silly.

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