Op-Ed: Here’s Why The Left Is Dangerously Wrong About Islam

American Military News picked up my Op-Ed on Islam and the regressive left. This article is jam packed with intellectual ammo for you to launch at anyone who accuses you of being an Islamophobe for rationally criticizing Islam.

I have a confession to make; I’m a Bill Maher fan. The man is funny as hell and in addition to having a bit of a libertarian streak inside of him, Maher has been an outspoken critic of radical Islam.

Many media outlets have refused to view Islam through a critical lens even As ISIS and Al Qaeda continue to wage a campaign of terror that has targeted Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

Where CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and many others have dropped the ball, Maher has picked it up and sprinted for the end zone.

Over the past year his guests have included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani, and Raheel Raza, all Muslim women who have firsthand experience with the side of Islam that the regressive left refuses to admit exists.

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The Savage Hour – Jesus Camp

Mike and Gary sit down to screen Jesus Camp on Netflix. They mull the great questions of the universe like: Do Christians get into S&M? Can you get the God fucked out of you? And what would happen if an army of gays declared war on the bible belt? For the answers to these questions and more, checkout the latest edition of The Savage Hour.

LISTEN – The Savage Hour – Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp douche (Credit: YouTube)

Jesus Camp douche (Credit: YouTube)