The Thought Police Strike Again

Shania Twain had to apologize for saying would have voted for Trump, and the Brits slapped Count Dankula with a fine for filming his girlfriend’s dog doing a Nazi salute.

It was a shitty few days for free speech. Country star Twain got bullied into recanting and apologizing for saying something that half the country agreed with. No wonder they call them the silent majority — Trump voters can’t get a word in edgewise…unless it’s election day that is.

Shania Wrong Think

The Brits took a whack at free speech — Bloody wankers, how dare they! Jests and japes aside, it’s disconcerting that a “liberal” western government would punish someone over a joke video posted on the internet, but that’s exactly what happened. Count Dankula was fined for hate speech — idiots cheered, while the level-headed among us asked ‘who gets to determine what counts as hate speech?’ The British courts apparently. I call shenanigans.

Nazi Salute

We’re looking at that and more from the world of online outrage in this edition of Sacktap Live.

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Sacktap Live – The Holocaust Was Very Bad

Apparently a shocking number of Americans don’t know anything about the Holocaust.

A recent survey making the rounds found that 22 percent of young Americans have no clue what the holocaust was.

Which is scary, especially when one considers that latest push among high school, college, and recent graduates to chip away at free speech and second amendment rights.

Any student of history can explain in rather simple terms that the Bill of Rights exists to protect individuals from government overreach. It is a bill of rights, not a bill of government granted privileges. The legitimacy of the government lies in the consent of the governed…at least that’s the way Thomas Jefferson and Co wanted it to be way back when they figured this whole thing out — something about a government by the people, for the people. So it’s disconcerting to see young people asking ‘why don’t we erode some of those rights’ while admitting that they lack a keen understanding of the consequences of forfeiting their rights.

I could write more about all this, but tell ya what, why don’t ya checkout the tasty video up top instead.

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