The Savage Hour – Live From The Kitchen

Mike needs to get some meal prep done so he set the mic up in the kitchen to podcast while he cooks. Gary stops by for a beer and the savages spend a couple hours talking about foreign policy, sports, growing up, and how not to be a pussy.

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The Savage Sacktap – You Gotta Be Shitting Me…Again?

Well it happened again, a bunch of guys blew themselves up in public because of, well god evidently. Last time it was San Bernardino, before that it was Paris, this time it was Brussels, next time who knows? The usual response occurred; feel good hashtags, candle lit vigils, and shouts of Islamophobia from the regressive left. We’re digging into it and taking the kid gloves off…Oh yeah apologies for the dog barking in the background. Sydney was trying to eat my lunch while I podcasted…I wouldn’t let her…she barked to express her anger with my decision.

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In the first ever episode of The Savage Crew’s podcast ‘The Savage Hour’ Mike introduces us to the crew, lays out the crew’s vision, shits on Social Justice Warriors, and explains that Gary is not a child molester.

LISTEN: The Savage Hour – Episode 1 – Meet The Savages