Don’t Get Kidnapped By A Fake Uber Driver

Apparently there are people out there getting kidnapped by fake Uber drivers. The situation has become so dire in fact, that The Today Show dedicated an entire segment to not getting kidnapped by a fake Uber driver. But I gotta ask, who are these idiots getting into cars with not-Uber drivers? It doesn’t make sense, you know what the car looks like you know what the driver looks like, you know the god damn license plate number. How are you still getting in the wrong car?

donny fists

And of course the brouhaha surrounding Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels has continued in the courts, and in the lamestream media. Do I care? No! Am I going to talk about it? Yes! Check it all out in that there video up top…

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The Savage Sacktap – Friendly Skies And Pantless Guys

Mike begins the episode by using some serious firepower to put an end to the worst meme ever created.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap: Friendly Skies And Pantless Guys

Then it’s a trip down memory lane, as our fearless host recalls West Village run-ins with aggressive, meth fueled gays, and one very forward tranny.



After that we’re introducing listeners to a hot new lesbian dating app, pondering the pros and cons of flying United airlines, what to do if you’re a pill dealing doctor in search of down low sex, and unleashing a firestorm of hate upon everyone who went out to buy a Unicorn Frap.

Later Gary stops by to bring us up to speed on his band Deaf Rhino’s latest album, and upcoming shows. We also watched some sweet music videos and tried to figure out why Marilyn Manson got blamed for so many school shootings, but Eddie Vedder got off scott free.

It’s all coming up in this edition of The Savage Sacktap.

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The Savage Sacktap – Unscripted Savagery 2

Mike is disgusted with the human race every time he logs into Facebook. This time it’s bogus claims of sexism and annoying mommy bloggers that are grinding his shit. Listen to find out why.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Unscripted Savagery 2


The Savage Sacktap – Strokin It To The Oldies

It’s an incredibly touching episode of The Savage Sacktap. Mike professes his love for Boogie nights, cocaine, and self pleasure, then has his heart broken by Hugh Hefner. Gary joins us with an update for his quest for love on Craigslist, and we wrap things up with some tunes from The King Of Pop. Give it a listen and share with your friends.

LISTEN – The Savage Sacktap – Strokin It To The Oldies

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